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Department of English was established in the year 1979 with a view to provide quality education in English Literature and Language. The faculty members and students are determined to fulfill the objectives and mission of the college through its various academic and co- curricular activities. The objectives of the department may be outlined as:

To create interest in English language among rural students.
To improve the skill of technical writing
To develop the communicative skills of English language.
To create interest of literature among the students
Provide job opportunities through ‘skill based’ courses
Sensitize students to the aesthetic, cultural and social aspects of literature
Develop an application of English language, its connotations and interpret and appreciate the didactic purpose of literature
Instil in students a new zeal and new vision of life to make them a better citizen
Deepen knowledge in English literature for higher studies
Help the students to prepare for competitive examinations
Create a possibility to emerge as prospective writers, editors, content developers, teachers etc.
Enhance Vocabulary to demonstrate a significant modification in comprehensive skills and writing techniques
To acquaint with representative writers of from 16th century to 21st century
Develop critical thinking skills & comprehend life skills through the study of literature
To acquaint with the basic knowledge of Computer and general processing of various Microsoft applications
To develop the skill preparing CVs; filing FIRs, RTI and complaints; creating e-mails and Blogs

Vision of the Department :
To provide appropriate pedagogy and environment that could enable the students to acquire communicative competence, aesthetic pleasure, and vibrant interpersonal bonding leading to cosmopolitan outlook and philanthropic attitude.