From the Desk of the Principal...

(From 01-12-2022 - Present)

It is a widely held belief that education is instrumental for mental, spiritual and material growth of an individual, and with the emergence of the new world order characterised by technology-driven life style, consumerism and new set of challenges, education has acquired renewed significance. Though the generations of great educational thinkers and philosophers have defined, conceptualised and contextualised education from different perspectives, the ripple effects of socio- political and cultural changes influenced the priorities of education sector to a great exten.

In the present context, education seems to have metamorphosed into an altogether new entity signifying novel outlook and fresh priorities with unconventional intent and content. The ongoing debates on higher education focus on entrepreneurship, job- oriented skills, industry linked curriculum, vocational training, multidisciplinary education, ICT-driven innovative pedagogies, local perspectives to global issues, integrated approach to learning, artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies and sustainable values. However, excessive thrust on competitiveness and career building may make the learners oblivious about the vital issues such as character building, values, social commitment, rich Indian heritage and the great Indian Knowledge System. In such a situation, the higher education institutions are expected to develop a conducive ecosystem to nourish and groom the learners for their holistic development.

Therefore, I would urge upon my students to imbibe highest standards of professional ethics while remaining sensitive to the noble ideals of life, social responsibility and compassion. In addition to the academic engagement, students are expected to be sensitive to the environment, gender issues, constitutional values, socio-cultural diversity, vulnerable sections of society and traditional Indian ethos.

I believe that the active engagement and participation of students and alumni is pivotal for the desired growth of an institution, therefore, the college has established number of students’clubs to promote student-centric activities. Besides, the registered Alumni Association of the college is making all out efforts to maintain a constant connect with the alumni for the desired support and guidance in the journey of the college.

Needless to mention that, with the generous support of the local society and dedicated efforts of the office-bearers and intellectuals, the college has emerged as a pioneering institution of higher learning in National Capital Region. Now, it the collective responsibility of all the stakeholders to enable and empower the institute for the desired incremental growth in key areas so that it keeps serving the educational needs of the area with renewed vigour and rigour.

Last but not least, it is the prime duty of the teachers to keep the students engaged, informed and motivated for academic excellence and their holistic growth, and the role of administrative/non-teaching staff is always crucial for development of academic infrastructure and ambience required for quality education.

(Dr. Rajendra Singh)