From the Desk of the Secretary...

Shri Vedpal Singh

Reminiscing my experiences as a teacher and educational administrator at different levels, I realise that, over the years, concept of education has undergone phenomenal change in intent and content..

Today, education has acquired larger significance in terms of emerging socio-cultural and economic challenges at national and global level. The present context is characterized by complexity in every sphere of life which has made it imperative for the educational thinkers to revisit and review the priorities of education sector. Accordingly, the National Education Policy-2020 documents the roadmap for the future of the nation with a pious goal to revive the golden past of India as ‘Vishva Guru’..

NEP-2020 gives impetus to the rich Indian tradition, knowledge of great Indian scientists and thinkers, multidisciplinary value-based education,holistic development, skill building, integration of vocational and general education, multilingualism and diversity, philanthropy and community engagement, folk and tribal literature, ICT-integrated pedagogy, sports, job-oriented learning, entrepreneurship, environmental awareness andrespect for the essence of Indianness.

I am delighted to observe that our college pursues the vision “…to impart multidisciplinary higher education, life skills and professional skills, deeply ingrained in sustainable human values, noble ideals of life, social responsibility, compassion, and creative and innovative thinking so as to develop global attributes and competencies among the learners”, and the recent initiatives such as preparation of Institutional Development Plan; Code of Conduct for teachers, students and staff; skill-based vocational courses and value-added courses; constitution of Students Clubs; Mentor-Mentee system;Feedback Mechanism; Alumni Association; and Self-appraisal system for the teachers are reflective of the commitment of the college fraternity for quality education, participative administration, student-centric approach and innovative strategies for the quality reforms.

(Vedpal Singh)